What the statistics are saying

Teachers leaving the profession
44% of England’s state-school teachers plan to quit by 2027 according to an NEU poll.
Increasing number of vacant posts

According to a NEU poll, schools are struggling to fill vacant posts, leading to a doubling up of roles. 

73% of teachers say this has worsened since the start of the pandemic.

Teachers not feeling valued
A survey in The Teacher Wellbeing Index cited that 60% of educators stated that not feeling valued is the main reason for considering leaving their jobs.
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The education sector has long suffered when it comes to attracting new teachers and retaining talent, and it's now more crucial than ever to keep your best people in school long term.

Replacing people is expensive – filling roles can take months, and productivity decreases while training new hires. When talent stays at your school, essential legacy knowledge stays in-house and engagement increases.
So, what is causing teachers to leave the profession, and how can you turn back the tide?


Teaching has had major retention issues for several years, driven by several reasons: workload, pay rates, and job satisfaction. Here's what the statistics are saying.

Supporting and investing in your staff is the first step in helping your retention efforts. Here's what we suggest...

Create a positive professional development culture in your school

37% of teachers did not have professional development included in their most recent performance management review, rising to 48% for headteachers.*

Sisra Observe makes managing your school’s professional development plan easier than ever before. Trusted by over 380 schools, it’s an all-in-one, web-based platform that’s easy to use for teaching staff, support staff and senior leaders alike. Save time on admin, cut down on paperwork, and foster a professional, dialogue-driven learning culture.

Your staff are your most important asset, and keeping them happy is essential.

At a time when it’s harder than ever to attract teaching talent, being able to provide flexibility can be a major differentiator. As well as flexible working, supporting staff through wellbeing initiatives could also be the answer. 

Our team of education HR specialists can work with you and advise on how you can improve your retention efforts, as well as inform you on the policies and procedures that need to be in place to support this.

Strategic HR consultancy and guidance

When it comes to CPD, training and consultancy, you need to be confident you’re getting quality courses from professional consultants with experience and credentials you can trust.

The team here at Juniper includes STA moderators, former headteachers, classroom practitioners and wider education advisers with years of experience in primary schools, so you can be sure you’re getting advice and guidance you can rely on. We can provide a wide range of high-quality CPD courses, such as:

  • Curriculum-based courses
  • Designated Person for Child Protection training
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) training for governors
  • School Assessment Leader (SAL) training and much more!

Invest in your staff with high-quality CPD they'll see the value in

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Our team can help you find the right teacher retention strategy for your school. Contact us for advice, guidance and solutions.